Consulting Services

We provide a wide range of consulting services aimed at helping organisations to improve their financial, operational or regulatory performance; and  to successfully deliver complex change.


Many organisations face the need for financial and or operational turnaround, often caused by circumstances outside of their direct control, but always requiring decisive action to avoid the demise of the organisation.

At IC Cubed we work in partnership with our clients and their key stakeholders to rapidly understand the true extent of the problem facing the organisation, identify where improvements are required, implement and embed changes, and measure and monitor financial and operational performance to ensure the changes have had the desired impact.

Typical assignments include:

  • whole company turnarounds
  • financial and operational improvement programmes including cost improvement programmes
  • liquidity and cash flow management including developing 13 week cash flow forecasts
  • Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) reduction programmes

Finance Function Transformation

Today’s finance function needs to do much more than produce monthly management and year end statutory accounts, it needs to be a strategic partner for all areas of the business providing analysis and insights in a timely manner so as to aid informed decision making.  As such the focus of the finance function needs to shift using technology as a key enabler to free up time from transactional processing and routine work enabling staff to spend time analysing and interpreting results and planning for the future.

Whether it is simply a need for additional resources to help deliver a finance transformation programme or assistance with identifying where improvements can be made we are here to help.  Our consultants have significant practical experience of helping organisations to deliver finance transformation covering improvements to technology, processes and people.

Process & Performance Improvement

Most organisations recognise that they can and need to improve certain elements of their financial, operational or regulatory performance.

At IC Cubed we work in partnership with our clients to identify where improvements can be made; design the required improvements; implement changes; and measure and monitor process performance to ensure the changes have had the desired impact.

Our work involves using a variety of tools, techniques and methodologies but on every engagement we strive to ensure that your team becomes self proficient in the use of these.  Typical assignments include:

  • business process improvement
  • cost reduction programmes
  • management reporting & key performance indicators
  • merger integration – project management & benefits realisation

Change Management

Change management means many things to different people, however if change management is simply a structured approach to ensuring that changes are embedded and benefits realised, why do so many change programmes fail?

A structured well defined plan is needed when embarking upon a change programme, however, the key to delivering change lies in the successful and timely application of the elements contained within the plan. Furthermore, change is not about delivering the plan itself, it is about delivering the outcomes that the plan was intended to achieve and therefore a degree of flexibility is required.

IC Cubed consultants have significant experience of helping organisations to deliver change using a broad range of tried and tested methodologies, approaches and tools which can be adapted and applied to meet your specific needs.

Programme & Project Management

The professionals at IC Cubed have built on their substantial experience in Programme and Project Management to offer a one stop shop for all your Programme and Project Management needs. From the provision of a single project manager through to a fully outsourced PMO this service offers an affordable, flexible and reliable alternative to the interim route.

Our consultants work with our clients to ensure that the tools, techniques and methodologies used on any engagement deliver the right result, are appropriate for the circumstances and that knowledge relating to their use and application is transferred to the client team.

Interim Management

Our consultants regularly work for our clients on an Interim basis.  This can be to help them deliver a specific project or to back fill vacancies whilst a permanent member of staff is recruited.  We can provide staff to help with roles in the following disciplines/areas:

  • Strategic Management;
  • Financial Management;
  • Operational Management;
  • Systems Implementations: and
  • Project Management.

Financial & Operational Due Diligence

When looking to sell, merge or acquire an organisation it is important to have a detailed understanding of what it is that you are selling , merging or acquiring.

Our consultants have worked for both acquirers and sellers to help them prepare for a sale, merger or acquisition by providing operational and financial due diligence (vendor and acquirer).

Post Merger Integration

For a merger or acquisition to be successful it is imperative that the acquiring organisation has a clear post merger integration plan that articulates the actions required to deliver the benefits envisaged.

Our consultants can work with your organisation to develop, manage and deliver the post merger integration plan using our robust approach to ensure that the benefits are delivered in a timely manner.

Data Analysis & Insights

Most organisations fail to make effective use of the data they collect in order to make better informed decisions.  At IC Cubed we specialise in helping clients convert complex data into meaningful information.

Systems Dynamics & Simulation – Healthcare

The system within which Healthcare Services are delivered can best be described as complex.  This means that understanding the causes of problems and issues is challenging.  Furthermore, understanding what impact changes made to improve services in one area will have upon the system as a whole is difficult.  Systems Dynamics is an approach which models the structural reality of a system to enable greater insight into how the system actually works.  Using simulation we can observe the impact that changes made within a system are likely to have on the system as a whole and therefore make better informed decisions.

Systems Dynamics & Simulation can help you make better decisions about:

  • Flow;
  • Demand & Capacity; and
  • Strategic resource planning

"I''ve worked with members of the team at IC Cubed several times on risk and performance management. They are extremely knowledgeable, personable, astute and creative in working through a problem and generating ideas."

− Paul Moore - Chief Risk Officer University Hospital of South Manchester NHS Foundation Trust

"Team members from IC Cubed helped me instigate a risk assessment framework within ODL Securities, I found them to be a valuable source of information and guidance. The team provided an efficient and cost effective service which added value and helped me achieve the desired result. IC Cubed also went further and suggested a tool which they were sure that I would find to be useful in the longer term - I tried the tool and found it to be very useful indeed. They kept in touch and I found their industry knowledge to be valuable."

− Tim Jarratt - Head of Internal Audit ODL Securities

"I have known and worked with team members at IC Cubed for several years and on a number of engagements. On every occasion, the work performed was done professionally and very thoroughly, giving the expected results and within the timeframes agreed. I have always found them to be approachable and friendly and would certainly work with them again should the opportunity arise."

− Keith Nicholson IT Director, Tyco Fire Protection Services EMEA

"Members of the team at IC Cubed provided much needed expertise in support of a Risk Management project (Risk Register/Manual/Training), supporting an organization working in the nuclear fuel cycle (fuel fabrication through spent fuel storage)."

− Peter Wells - Technical Programme Manager, International Atomic Energy Agency

"David and his team provided an expert consultancy package along with excellent usage of IT software to improve our understanding of Emergency Readmissions within our Trust. I can highly recommend him to provide responsive, timely information in an effective manner and always with a smile."

− Gaynor Dixon - Project Manager @ Brighton & Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust

"Bolton NHS Foundation Trust engaged IC Cubed (UK) Ltd to help the Trust to more fully understand their emergency readmissions. This was important from a patient experience perspective and also because of the contracting implications.

We were delighted with the analysis produced which allowed the Trust to gain greater insight in to the areas where efforts to reduce readmissions should be focussed. We are now in the process of implementing a number of changes aimed at reducing the volume of readmissions."

− Simon Worthington - Finance Director and Deputy Chief Executive - Bolton NHS Foundation Trust

"I just wanted to thank you for the recent work undertaken with the Trust regarding Emergency Readmissions.

The exhaustive analysis allowed my organisation to gain a very thorough insight and understanding of our emergency readmissions, and we are currently using the output of the analysis to identify areas where improvements need be made.

As a result, I would be happy to recommend IC Cubed to complete similar change management work within the NHS. "

− Des Lane - Associate Director of Contracts and Performance - North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust

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